My goals…

27/12/08 update: Ok, so I’ve posted this in another place, but I decided that I’d like it to have on it’s own page so that I can easily find it to cross off the things on my list as I achieve them – hopefully I can achieve quite a few this year! Wish me luck people.

Today I came across an old journal of mine from roughly 5ish years ago. Reading through the entries I’m surprised by some of my views and philosophical ramblings. I’m also surprised by how much I’ve changed and grown, even though I may not have been consciously aware of this flourishing. Over the next couple of months, I may post up a few of these entries and either expand on them as my views have grown, or tell how my ideas have changed. One thing is for certain though, my vocabulary was a lot larger before I started the science degree. I’ve decided to start by including a list of things I wanted to (and still want to) accomplish in my life. I’ve realised I haven’t actually achieved much of what I wanted to do. These are in no particular order, and I’ve crossed out things that I’ve achieved. Here goes:

  • Take a massage course
  • Learn to lead light
  • Go skydiving
  • Go para-sailing
  • Play mini-golf
  • Go rock-climbing – well, half done. I’ve gone indoor rock climbing, but not outdoors.
  • Learn to surf
  • Take a first aid course
  • Go to Uluru
  • Visit the states
  • Visit Europe – especially Prague for the history and architecture and Norway for the Northern lights
  • Get my drivers license
  • Get my pilots license
  • Write a novel
  • Go Scuba diving
  • Go hot air ballooning
  • Ride a camel
  • Learn a language – Russian or Spanish are top of the list
  • Help someone less fortunate then me
  • Learn about astronomy – still working on it though
  • Speak my mind more often – have been doing that mainly on this blog, but also in “real” life too
  • Move out of home – I did it, but then I moved back home
  • Get a “real” job
  • Make a new friend every year
  • Learn to relinquish control occasionally – well, the tracker has been good for something, huh? 😉
  • Perform random acts of kindness
  • Do something that scares me everyday
  • Loosen up a bit – I am still an uptight control freak space cadet, but I’ve learnt to loosen up just a tad
  • Exercise frequently
  • Enjoy the great outdoors more often
  • Learn to accept the inevitability of mornings – this I don’t think I shall ever learn! – nope, I was wrong about this!
  • Learn Latin dancing
  • Learn belly dancing – Z has promised to teach me this one!
  • Become more aware of the problems facing society – slowly getting a greater understanding of this
  • Be more accepting and less judgmental – slowly working on this one
  • Form a closer relationship with my family – still not all that close, but getting there
  • Seek knowledge to gain wisdom
  • Accept that life has no meaning that we are meant to understand – nope, I’m still driving myself crazy trying to find a meaning to life
  • Learn patience and tolerance – damn tracker, hopefully the patience will come!
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset from Mt Cootha – managed to do the sunrise thing, and avoided my dislike of mornings by staying up all night and seeing the sun rise on new years day one year (best new years ever to date btw)

Looking at that, I’ve crossed off a bit more than I expected, but I still have work to do. I’d like to add a few more things to the list that aren’t on there.

  • Start and finish a degree in Medicine
  • Complete a PhD
  • Hike to Machu Piccu, visit the rest of South America and climb Mt Aconcagua
  • Go Whitewater rafting
  • Go Zorbing
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro while visiting Africa on a working “holiday”
  • Do something that will have an impact that changes the world in a (small) way for the better
  • Maintain a close connection to family and friends amongst a crazy work schedule
  • Learn to play the guitar, piano and saxophone
  • Get a motorbike license
  • Go skydiving at night
  • Read all the books on my list

Ok, so that’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll add to the list and change it as I achieve things. Anyone who wants to help with any of these or has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know, I don’t bite… much.


One thought on “My goals…

  1. I think we all have a meaning in life….but only after we realise it can we pass.

    People say “you don’t know what’s around the corner; you could die tomorrow” but somewhere deep inside i think we all know when the time in near- we only leave once we have fufilled our purpose which i don’t think we’ll know what it is til its’s done- but there will be time to in our own way- say goodbye.

    I love your list of goals 🙂 the whole “meaning/purpose in life” one just got me thinking a lot.

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