OMG it’s week 9 already?

And just like that I’m almost halfway through my first semester of medical school.  I still can’t believe how quickly it’s flying.  I think I’m finally starting to find my feet, although I am a little worried about the rapidly approaching mid semester exams.  Where has the time gone, and why do I feel like I know nothing? Ok, I know a little, but it sure doesn’t feel like enough to successfully get through my exams! Can you tell I’m procrastinating study?

On a positive note, I can happily report that I passed my first two pieces of assessment – performing a cardiovascular physical exam and interviewing a mock patient (which was recorded).  Let me just say that watching myself on screen was the most painful and torturous 10 minutes of medical school so far.   I was quite worried about both, especially with my tutor problems mentioned in my last post, but with the help of my new bible and some trusty second year tutors somehow I managed to survive (and pass).

I also survived (and enjoyed) the recent skills day put on by one of the social clubs.  I had fun plastering (or trying to) my buddy while my own arm was in plaster, suturing (my technique needs A LOT of work), cannulating, venepuncturing, and intubating the many fake arms and dummies I had the pleasure of meeting along the way.  And I think I might finally understand ECGs a little after the workshop by the very knowledgable GP reg which is a plus.

So that’s my quick summary in a nutshell, and I had better get back to the books – I don’t want to fail my first set of actual exams! Stay tuned for more random updates!


One thought on “OMG it’s week 9 already?

  1. Hi,

    Wow!!!!! your blog gave the intense motivation I needed to prepare for gamsat nxt yr.
    Please let me know how you prepared for Gamsat and draw the sketch so that someone like me might follow.


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